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Nice feed of blackies


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Had a great day meeting up with luderick-angler (Royce) and luderickman (paul) chasing blackies.

Both great guys, thanks heaps paul for todays transport much appreciated.

Wow Royce really knows his trade, deadset gun fisho.

Taught me a lot in just one session about blackies and casting centre pin.

Big thankyou to both guys.

Looking forward to catching up again.



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Hey Mcgoo, what a nice catch of blackies! They would have to be in my top 5 fish to eat and catch. Pound for pound they would be up there with bass in their fighting ability and usually caught on a lighter leader. I sure miss fishing for them at the Bondi Murk with the odd pig playing tug of war.:-rolleyes

Regards Jeff

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Arrr, the Red Throated Blackfish. Nice catch. Must go for a fish with Royce sometime :) Did you sneak across the border and fish on the southside?

nah theres a big barbed wire fence down there to keep us westies out.

sydney harbour stormy.

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Yeah, good to see. I know Royce glued some hair to his feet and tried to get into the Shire, but we are awake to those kind of tricks.

A mate went for as fish locally, through the week and got one down and no fish. Might have to come up to the harbour for a fish this week. They let anyone in......

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No it was good to meet John and he picked up the fundamentals very quickly still struck a bit early on the downs but once John got into the groove it was all systems a go as did Paul! I think they let the adrenelin go to their heads upon seeing a float move! Always good to show someone new the ropes that is keen and well John seems to have taken to the centrepin quickly! A sucessful day....

A few highlights Paul (for once) and John out fishing me, my excuse I was too busy guiding! Smoking the fillets on the BBQ and a very nice home brew lager courtesy of John! It has become a ritual for Paul and I after a days fishing to end up back at my place and have a debrief of the day and general chat and feed washed down by a few cold ones! I think we have a new mwmber of the club! And no tforgetting John christening his new Mag Bream!

Stormy if you pay the troll under Taren POint Bridge we may let you over to join us! You will need the following disguise though stubbies or ruggers shorts blundstones and a flannelette shirt and a mullet wig! You will also need to bring th HB ute or VL Commodore!

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I took my chance to out fish Royce so I did. Proberly will never get

that chance again. He does me every weekend. It's hard to beat the

master at his own game. It was great to have you join us John. You

picked up heaps on tips how to fish for blackies from Royce, and

it payed off for you with some nice fish being caught, well done.


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