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Plastics/Whiting Reel


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Hi all.

Just looking for a decent 1000 size reel for approx no more than $100~ to match to a Berkley Dropshot 7'2 2-4kg rod, 4lb braid.

Dont want to spend too much as it will be mainly used for plastics and whiting/bream which I dont do as much.

Looking at the Shimano Aernos 1000FA, can get one pretty close to $100, feel okay... not super smooth like i expected, but i am very Shimano biased...

Also came across the Daiwa Aird 1000SH for $99 from a local tackle shop. 10 Bearing, super smooth reel.

Both have a max drag of 2kg

What would you recommend or what are your personal expierences? Also, does anyone have any other reels they'd also suggest in a similar price bracket?

Thanks in advance lads.

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Hmm either way mate not sure haha.

Anywho, Been reading up on the daiwas, apparently they dont handle the saltwater too good.

Probably going to go an aernos or similar. Will be running a 4lb braid, 2-4kg stick. Prefer the overall feel and wieght of the 1000, but would the 2500 be a better choice given the rod???

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No reel handles saltwater.

With the right care and maintenance most reels can withstand saltwater for a decent amount of time, but when people are saying that the airds are packing it in after 8 months of use, compared to say my baitrunner or tld which have been used season after season, salt and surf and have had next to nothing in terms of corrosion, thats worrying.

Where have you seen the symetres for ~$100 mate?

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