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Georges river 19/12

kingie chaser

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Decided to put in at sylvania yesterday instead of foreshore rd even though the forecast wasnt suggesting strong winds but its been like that lately.

Started of trying for some jews on SP around the pylons on the turn of the tide, managed to get a couple of small flatties. They seemed to like the satay chicken gulp minnows the best.

NE came up pretty quickly so didnt get into the bay like I intended & just did a bit of drift fishing.

We were just about to pull up stumps when all of a sudden my mate rod went of like an olympic sprinter had his bait, after a good 5 min battle on light gear & to our suprise he pulled in his first ever jew that measured a very legal 50cm.

Needless to say he was stoked & I was very jelious but very happy for him. :thumbup:

post-18758-070509500 1355983321_thumb.jpg

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