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botany bay dead?


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hey all

this time of year last year i was doing real well in the bay, this year every time i go, very quiet.

focused in the Georges and always manage a good feed, but what on earth is happening in the bay?!?!

any experts want to share their wisdom?

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I think it's not only the bay it seems the pelagics are very late this year.

Nothing in the harbour bay or hacking.

I think over the next 2 weeks they should start showing up.( I've been saying this for the past month now haha)

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We need a good drop of rain. Checking back with the records, the last month of decent rain was June.

My usual spots in the Port are rather quiet. Fishing at night might be better with the clear water. The warm water is moving down the coast and should be here soon, may help a bit.

Fished Bate Bay yesterday morning, hoping for a couple of flatties. Caught a few spikies, 2 undersized blue spots and 1 undersized tiger, then the f**king jackets moved in, taking hooks, sinkers and even biting the line above the wire, so I gave it away. Only landed 1 jacket, it was about 20cm long.


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I got a nice bonito yesterday - got it about 2 mins after putting my lure out. Didn't troll for long though as I had less petrol then I thought! Also managed to get a good squid. There is heaps of yellowtail in the bay but I never seen to have any luck using them?

Saw a couple of guys at the ramp that had a good feed of flathead that they caught off silver beach and they said they were getting tevalley mixed in with their catch. They also had a few very large squid.

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yeah quiet in the hacking.

Got only one flattie to 50cm last sunday.

From the size of the heads and odd filleted carcass in the water at the wonga rd boat ramp some are getting some nice fish in the hacking.

Like to know where though ? :(

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