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Motor losing drive

fish o

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Anyone have a clue as to what is happening to my moter. This boat is new to me, it is a 2002 stacer easy rider with a 135 Johnson ocean pro outboard, i put it in at woy woy and all was good until i got to around juno point where the motor lost revs and drive, sometimes it will drop to an idle others it will stall, will either start up again straight away and have power for another few minutes. Then lose drive again, this happened a few times until we stopped at a beach near cowan creek. Left the beach on the way home and realised we were not going to make it back to woy woy and luckily pulled into patonga (just) and got a lift from there by car back to woy woy where i got my cay and trailer and went back to retrieve the boat. had the motor serviced a few days ago with new impella fitted????? I am sure the mechanic will not be open for another week or so over the holiday break, was hoping to use the boat myself over te holidays, the motor started and ran ok when I got home to flush out, will be in touch with the mechac ASAP just interested what thoughts some of you more experienced boaties may have.

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