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Hawkesbury produces the goods


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Went out last Saturday for a 5am start in the Hawkesbury. We had a variety of bait including pillies, fresh squid and Hawkesbury prawns.

We fished West Head with no results and then moved about 1km off Palm Beach. We noticed a big school of fish feeding on the surface at first we thought they were Tailor so we flicked a few lures at them for no hits. The school ended up coming right up to the boat and it turned out they were yakkas. Decided to put a small bit of bread on a tiny hook and straight away we were pulling them in to the boat. I have never seen yakkas this big some were measuring over 30cm! on a light bream rod with 6 pound braid it was great fun. We made a make do live bait tank with the esky and took 6 to use for the rest of the day. Then moved to Cowan Creek to a spot my brother and I have fished since we were kids. Was pretty quite but I did manage to pick up a 26cm bream that was kept for the table. The Bream was caught on a light rig baited with a fresh prawn. The live yakkas were out at all the spots we fished for no results apart from a big bit mark on one of them. We went back to Lion Island for a drift and bang! My mate hooked something that shredded the gears in the reel and he simply could not pull in, was probably a shark or a bif raypost-25258-072877000 1356317979_thumb.jpg at the same time I got hit (both using pillies) and I ended up landing my PB flathead, measured in at 72cm and was around 4kg a couple of photos later (photo attached) and she was released. At this stage the swell was really starting to pick up so we heading back into Pittwater where my brother nailed a good bream at 36cm (released) and another nice flathead. The next bait he put out he hooked up and got snapped off I reckon it was a another Bream, at this stage we were using skinned yakka fillets.

All in all we boated 7 legal flatties (kept 3 of them) two good bream and a the usual small Snapper etc.

This is the first post I have written since joining Fishraider, I have read a few reports on the Hawkesbury and If I had any advice I would say keep moving spots as much as possible it seems to work for us.


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