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Hill 60 and stanwell


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Decided to spend some time at the southern breakwall then hill 60.

Got a few wrasse that were thrown back but noting else.

Stanwell park did not yield much either.........Though I would have luck as Iwas fishing in a large channel but not even a bite...

Thinking coalcliff will be my next sopt to float out a pille and try for some black fish.

Anyone esle been to these spots lately with any luck?

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Weather has been atrocious. Big swells and cold rains, been down in the gong for 3 days now and haven't had a chance to target the bonitos. Lake Illawarra prawns, blue swimmers and mud crabs.....yep you heard right, mud crabs in the lake have been the only things I have been able to catch.

I really need to start taking the phone on trips to take photos.....but a phone means the wife can contact me to run errands.....better to leave it at home hehe

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South side of the winding bridge, westside island.

They are a by catch for the blue swimmers while i am prawning (on foot) but a welcomed one. I think the usual spots for the muddies are over near the driving range where it looks more like their habitat.

Tonight's haul was a kilo of pawns a 3 swimmers. Think I am going to give it a miss for the next couple of days. Blooming cold out there.

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