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Shoalhaven Flatties


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Gday Raiders,

Launched out at Grey’s Beach Boat Ramp at Nowra and fished up and down the bridge for a bit. Got onto a quite a few including a new lure PB at 63cm for me. The gun SP was Z-Man 3" MinnowZ in Electric Chicken. Kept a few for a BBQ tonight.

post-1553-048251300 1356426583_thumb.jpg



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Nice work Paul :thumbup:

Good to see you getting into the fish from the PA.

Nothing wrong with a bag of nice flatties! Electric Chicken is a great colour, but i would certainly recommend "opening night" as well. Gun on the flatties :biggrin2:

Cheers, Tom

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Cheers guys

Sorry for the short report (done by phone). Weather was absolutely shockers for the majority of the trip so we couldn't really fish the bay or the basin like we planned. The river was the most sheltered place from the wind but not the rain :( yet still proved to be the most productive for us. Didn't take too many snaps, but here are some of our yaks, the river, the basin and the place we stayed at Callala Bay.

post-1553-078578700 1356519091_thumb.jpg

post-1553-039389700 1356519093_thumb.jpg

post-1553-097553200 1356519094_thumb.jpg

post-1553-007678400 1356519096_thumb.jpg

post-1553-097290000 1356519096_thumb.jpg

post-1553-099977500 1356519097_thumb.jpg

post-1553-018306000 1356519099_thumb.jpg

post-1553-034686000 1356519101_thumb.jpg

post-1553-060334400 1356519102_thumb.jpg

post-1553-057293400 1356519103_thumb.jpg

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