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Lilli Pilli baths/ Dropoff


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Fished there the other day for a small kingy, a salmon and a legal bream. Seems like a really fishy area with the structure, nearby sand bar, current and nice drop off. Anyone else have any success here, is it worth revisiting at night for a crack at a jew, good spot for kings during the day?



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Yep its the best spot on a runout in the hacking.can get jews there to got a few out of the hole there but nothing big but have seen bigger ones pulled out near the wedding cake looking house on the point

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Guest Aussie007

u said u caught a kingy there than ask if its a good spot for kingys? lol anyways lilly pilly is pretty good for a land based spot a run in tide is just as good as the small bait fish get dug up by the whiting thru the 8 knot zone than washed down thru the channel into the deep drop off the channel is only a couple feet deep and at the bottom of the drop off around the moored boats its around 40 foot deep there is often a tidal current there swirling around u can drift thru its usually just off the pool or a little further down at the start of the moored boats

ive fished it from the wharf and by boat imo its best fished from the wharf as the whole area in front of the wharf is the channel and it does get a fair bit of boats driving by in the warmer months and i usually catch more from the wharf than out of a boat although the last time i fished there we had a crackin session on hundreds of tailors busting up everywhere in front of the wharf but the tailors would only take our lures and not the guys on the wharf lol we would have caught around 30-50 or more tailor over 30-45mins

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