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Botany Bay 23/7/05


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I hadn’t had my boat out on the water for 3 months so I wasn’t sure if she was still water proof :1prop: . I was on the water at first light with a simple plan’ first up my mate Jim and I would troll the 3rd runway and container wall and across Yarra bay with small bibbed minnows for tailor and salmon if no luck with that tactic then we would kellick up at Molineaux point and burly for blurters then at the top of the tide we would give the lizards a crack on SP’s. With a 10 or 11 knot southwesterly buffing across the bay is was a chilly troll around the bay, after an hours trolling with the only excitement was a hook up on a very large plastic bag on 2kg. Anchoring up we got a burly trail of old fish frames and bread going. Rigging up using lightly weighted peeled prawns and slimey mackerel fillets the first bait “a peeled prawn” only just hit bottom when it went off on a screaming run then started slugging it out down deep, calling it for either a good trevally or a rat king we were pretty surprised when a nice salmon came into view, after netting’ it measured 53cm 5 minutes later an identical take and hook up with an identical result Jim lands a 55cm model on peeled prawn.

my 53cm salmon


Jims salmon


You wouldn’t credit it would you’ troll all over the place for bugger all then catch your target fish on a bloody peeled prawn :risata: . That was all the excitement there and didn’t get a touch for the next couple of hours. Then it was over to spot X for a flatty spin where we caught 2 keeper flatties of 45 & 50cm also several throw backs we pulled the pin at midday and headed over to the Port Botany ramp where the water police were checking the boats for rego, both boating and fishing licenses, fish sizes and breath testing the skippers so if your fishing the bay make sure that all is in order.


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well done Chris  :thumbup:

when it comes to the bay you da king  :1worthy:

not on the water for 3 months ??? did it take that long to eat your previous catches?  :074:


G/day Brian

I had both car & trailer problems’ which took time to sort out, but all sorted out now. :thumbup:

As for king of the bay no way! :074: I have never caught a salmon on peeled prawn before let alone 2 so I class them as a tinny captures also I get the good oil from a couple of friends that fish the bay so I can keep up to date on what’s happening in the bay. :yahoo:

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Good to see you caought a couple Chris, shame I had to knock you back on the offer to join you, but had promised the daughter a day out on the town finishing up at the Delta concert last night. Dad's certainly in the good books.

Let me know when you next jaunt it and I'd love to join you.

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Nice catch Kikila. Im back from NZ so ill give you a call to go for a fish soon. Saw an amzing fishing show over there where a boat caught 21 marlin in 1 day out of Auckland. The last one they brought up, after dark, had been attacked by a giant squid and all that was left was the head and tail, with the back bone holding it all together. Anyways keep up the good work.


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