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Port Stephens 28/12


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Went out to the Fad off Port Stephens today and there were no dollies anywhere. Water temp was 21.6 which is probably why . After a while of trying we headed to Broughton Island and caught a few squid and downrigged around the island for donuts then drifted on the 30m line out from hawkers nest for a few flathead but overall pretty disappointed. Maybe I should have stayed in Sydney. Any other raiders up here getting out offshore?

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Yeah mate. Live there in gods country!!! The warm water still hasn't pushed down just yet! If you stuck to the headlands or reefs around fingal on the 20m mark plenty of snapper and kings around. Surprised about broughton cause I've never not come back without a feed. The sisters there are the best bet. Just means you'll have to come back up againand give it another go. Next time drop me a line. Regards scratchie

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