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Elbow slappers from the north


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Hi fellow Raiders

Worked up the northen beaches yesturday in search for some whiting and boy did i hit the jack pot,

10 fish caught all up and a fat PB thumper of a whiting @45cm , managed 7 keepers with the second in line not to far behind the first.

weighed up the big girl on the DG scales and she was just shy of 700 g. All in all another great day out by the water and boy was I one happy chappy :thumbup:

Happy fishing boys :1fishing1:

post-21030-039348600 1356682536_thumb.jpg

post-21030-022974700 1356682730_thumb.jpg

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That is an absolute stonker mate. Biggest sand whiting I've seen, more like a king George. Being the fishing geek I am, I checked out the fisheries info on big whiting to see that what you caught is quite rare, with what looks like about 97% of fish dying off by around 35 cm. http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/375933/Sand-Whiting.pdf

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Never had any luck getting whiting....

What bait and rig do you use?

Any particular tide or time work best?

I use a standard rig, running ball or bean sinker connected to your swivel and then I leave about at least a 60cm trace to your hook, which I believe is very important when fishing for whiting, it gives them more time to pick up the bait and run.

You can't go past worms for whiting thats definitely the gun bait, yabbies work really well to.

I fish 2-3hrs either side of the high tide as the whiting are moving up and down the beaches and towards the entrances of the river mouths and are very active during these times. Also you gotta be fishing the gutters near the edges of the sand flats and let the tide and current do the rest for you just keep working up and down and try different gutters along the beaches. :)

Hope that helps

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