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Reel for Nitro baby viper


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Does anyone out there own a Nitro Baby Viper? What reel have you matched it with and what kind of fishing do you use this outfit for? I've just bought one and intend on using it to cast larger (5 inch) plastics on 1/4-3/4oz jigheads, targeting larger flatheads, mulloway, salmon and rat kingfish. Occasionally I might rig it for live bait too. Ideally I would like to match it with a 4000 sustain or maybe even a 4000 stradic CI (cheaper option). I will be running about 15-20lb braid on this outfit. Does anyone have any experiences with this rod or any opinions that they would care to share.



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mate i've got a nitro viper with a 4000 ci4 stradic on it which I think is a little too light for the rod.

I reckon the 4000 Ci4 would be great for the baby viper.

If I were to get a reel for the nitro viper tomorrow i'd be looking at the stradic FJ 5000 which I have a on a terez 15-30lb... better size reel for the rod I reckon.

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I agree with Jet01 about the 4000ci4 being a little on the light side for the Viper. I've got the Viper/4000 ci4 and Super PE 20lb braid as an all around inshore set up for chucking around poppers/SP's/ and the occasional live bait for Kings/Salmon and other inshore pelagics, and do think I could safely go up a size in the reel department. In saying that, I honestly can't say enough good things about the stradic ci4 4000. Its weight, smoothness, and balance make fishing with it an absolute pleasure and I think it would match perfectly with your Rod = ).

Goodluck on your decision and cheers to another Nitro owner. Damn, they make one hell of a rod! :1punk:

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