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Wanda 27th/28th


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Hi All,

Went down to Wanda for a couple of nights fishing, being from England I wanted to bag my first Aussie Salmon, to cut a long story short...I didn't.

First night the swell looked good until darkness, then died a death, I don't know about Australia but back home I normally like the swell to be between 3ft and 5ft for our sea bass (not to say you can't catch in bigger or smaller swell but found this size to be best)...is this the case for Aussie surf beaches? So anyway I called it a night earlier than expected after landing some small flatties and a couple of nice dart on the second rod.

Went down again last night in the teeth of the howling Southerly (which has never bothered me hugely as long as its not a cross wind), the swell looked about perfect so was quite expectant...but all I caught was this shovelnose...not what I was after but I had never seen one before so I was happy enough...It was a very bright night with the full moon both nights, I never liked this in England and always found it ruined the bite...do you chaps find the same here?

Sorry for all the questions but its a case of trying to transfer as much of my UK knowledge as possible and finding out what still 'rings true' down-under.

Anyway, the swell looks virtually zero for the next few days so may put the Salmon mission on hold and go chase some whiting.

Cheers for any guidance in advance...love the site it has been a great resource for me thus far.

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