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Cod, perch and a carp on a lure


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Hey raiders, took a holiday down to Victoria to visit my old man decided to take the boat as well and fish lake nillahcootie with some hard bodies and spinners

Been here 3 days have had absolutely cracking weather the entire time we've caught in excess of 40 golden perch with keeping 5 for the table some great fish up to 47cm,

we've lost count on the Redfin ( my favourite eating ) We've kept plenty of them for the table,

6 murray cod smallest going 54cm biggest just over 87cm all released to fight another day, and today the weirdest catch of the trip while working a downed tree with a frog imitation hardbody i thought/ hoped id hooked another great fish but we were both as shocked as hell when it finally surfaced that i'd hooked a 4.5kg carp on a lure made us rethink about what we know on carp. that fish is currently feeding dads chickens lol,

we have been completely thrilled with the fishing down here with plenty of laughs and beers mixed in me and dad are having a ball he's now hunting for his own boat!

With 1 day left to fish before I head back to Sydney we will be happy to just have another good day on the water.

I'm going to have to do this freshwater stuff more often! Photos to come I'm on my iPhone at the moment so can't upload

Tight lines raiders! Cheers Brett

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Sounds like a great holiday Brett. I have a great time when I fish with my sons. Carp on lure, I'll have to give it a go. I purchased some frogs from overseas that I havn.t tried yet. I was going to see how the bass reacted to them as they look good. The hook is hidden inside so no snags ( I hope ) when the fish bites down on the frog the hook comes out. Regards jeff

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Sounds like a great time on the water Brett. :thumbup:

There is a lot of yellas around at the moment and they give a good account of themselves when caught on lure.

Carp willingly take soft plastics but I have never heard of them taking a frog lure ... well done! :1yikes:



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