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Big Jewie encounter


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Just got back after fishing the late tide change in the Georges. After 2 hours of nothing at a couple of spots we proceeded to a spot past Jewfish Point flicking plastics for jews. I had just changed to a 6 inch riptide mullet and came up tight. As soon as i felt the weight I said bring the anchor up and start the motor. I only was using my 2 kilo outfit expecting soaps. A mistake I wont make again. This thing was LEAVING! We chased it for 20 minutes and it took us almost to Lugarno marina and then back again towards where we hooked it. I was shaking as this thing just pulled so much drag if we even slowed down in the chase. We backed up on it and swung everywhere just like chasing a game fish! After 20 min and barely a dent in my adversary, the weight came off. Devo'd ! The leader wore through near the jighead. Bummer, cant tell you how many days I have fished waiting for that one. Would probably have released it anyway but would love to have knocked it over on the silly string.

Anyway the moral of the story is there are big jews in the river....you just have to put up with a lot of disappointing sessions and stay keen....oh and dont use 2 kilo ! Sorry no pictures , way too busy.

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Bad luck :thumbdown:

Same thing happened to me last week. Hooked a solid jew on 4lb braid and leader while breaming and took me for a short sharp ride straight towards the pylons then PING. GONNE!! Nor fun losing a good fish is it :1badmood:

You'll get him next time!''

Cheers, Tom

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