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fri night jew


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Hi all decided to head to the harbour on friday night left home at 10pm on the water 10:30 not far from fort denisson i noticed some fish on the sounder so quickly pulled up and dropped a line with a prawn on it we were setting up our other rods and within 1 minute zzzzzzzzzz of goes my rod i grabed it from its holder and started to wind it in it took a little line but was at the boat in next to no time it was a jewie measuring 68cm couldnt believe it first bait in the water and had myself a jewie.Said to my mate i think this could be a great night fishing. Dropped it back in the water and started jettin under sized snapper Could notice the squid flotting around the boat as the lights where on while still rigging up.After about an hour things went quite so we headed of to the spit as planned fished there till sun up with out a single bite so decided to head out to long reaf fished for a few hours with only a few bites my mate caught a mowie there where a few boats out there but none of seemed to be getting much this is the second time there in a week without much luck dont know what is happening but did notice a lot of traps out there. All in all it was great to get out on the water might fish the hacking next trip.Had to edit my post as i put down the wrong days totally lost with all these days off lol.

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