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South Sydney Kings!


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Finally with the early season arrival of kingfish in Sydney, I was able to catch a few of these brutal, tough and highly sought-after sportfish plus one sambo. I lost nearly half of the hook-ups as most of them busted me off before I can land them. The summer season has truly started and I will be concentrating on catching larger kings so stay tuned folks!!!






A lot of bait balls like these!!!


A few of the kings we saw on the sounder.


Catching live squids can sometimes be as hard as finding where the kings are.



Went for a swim for relaxation after all the arms stretching battles with the kings!!!

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well done man, good fun i bet.

Where abouts is this? (waterway i mean not actual spot)

It's the jewel of the south ( port hacking.)

Spewing I couldn't make it gav work sucks :thumbdown:

I'll be down there on Monday though with Paul n thanh u coming?

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Great shots there mate. Is that due to a really good camera or a skilled photographer? :074:

"Catching live squids can sometimes be as hard as finding where the kings are."

I managed 3 in about 40 minutes last night and managed to lure 2 to Alan's smaller jig last night. Getting better at this. Thank you Youtube!

Gotta head out again sometime.



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well done Gav's!!! great effort! I was out today in my yak in the hacking as well. I don't think I'll be paying that place a visit on a weekend anytime soon, the number of boats zooming around in all different directions doesn't make it too pleasant out on the yak, and I don't think fish like all that commotion going on as well :biggrin2:

wasn't able to find any kings, but managed a couple of bream which made dinner, but I wished it had been sashimi kingfish hehehe :biggrin2:

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