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Horse of a whiting


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Haven't posted in ages but thought I'd share this one.

Friday afternoon and the GF says what are we gonna do?

So we pack a few light rods and off to the northern beaches area. No where I call have live worms so we settle on dry worms.

We catch a lot of little snapper and my GF catches her first grinner.

Sun going down and we fish till dark with not much luck. As we are walking back to the car we notice the crabs are out on the sand flats so I grab a few and we make a stop on the way home to throwing a crab or two.

Within 5mins my rod gets smacked hard by a 30 plus fat bream. I put it back to fight another day. 2 mins later my GF rod gets nailed by a 46cm whiting what a fight.

Finally landed it after a few tricky moments she decides yep she have that one for dinner the next night.

Nothing like a quick fish after work!

Cheers Damien.

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