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Been reading the forums for a while now, so i thought it was about time i posted a report.

Bought a Quintrex 455 Top Ender a couple months ago and have been getting out every now and then for varied success. But just being on the water is good enough for me most of the time.

post-3959-022032100 1357701181_thumb.jpgpost-3959-087787800 1357701188_thumb.jpg

My home ground is Botany Bay which has been hit or miss over the last couple of weeks.But have managed a few nice fish, ranging from trevally at the oil wharf, Flatties at Towra and mixed bags from Watts reef and Molli point.

This beaut was the first fish for me on the new boat, she went 62cm, caught on a plastic at Towra. After a few photos she was set free to swim again (and hopefully bring me good karma for the future).

post-3959-023214900 1357701442_thumb.jpg

This was followed by a lazy day at Watts Reef in early December where we were catching flathead non stop for a couple hours, and a shovel nose to end the day. ended up taking two flatties home for a feed.

post-3959-065140700 1357702305_thumb.jpgpost-3959-008677600 1357702315_thumb.jpg

After hearing some good reports coming out of the Harbour, decided to get into the action last week. We trolled North and South head for zilch, snuck around into middle harbour to check for surface action nothing there. trolled middle head for nothing and finally got towards clifton garden and the bays surrounding where we found some very finicky fish on the surface. Got a few follows by some salmon for no takers, and finally got into come tailor and a bonnie.

post-3959-033072400 1357702290_thumb.jpg

Then came a few dissapointing trips to Botany bay where all we could find were a few trevally and slimies.

Saturday the 5th saw a good day on the Bay. Picked up some yakkas and 2 squid in the early in the morning then trolled north head for a nice bonnie which took an xrap.

post-3959-013256900 1357702495_thumb.jpg

Conditions were getting choppy so headed back inside and sat at Molli point and started burleying. The first squid went down live and got pecked apart, so decided to use the second squid as strip bait.

Over the next couple of hours we got stuck into trevally, slimies, 1 nice 30cm plus bream which squirmed out of my hands while trying to measure him up and ended up back in the water, and 4 aussie salmon which were all released. Great fun on 6lb gear!

post-3959-071289600 1357702818_thumb.jpg

Consistency has been a bit lacking though, so hopefully the fishing and my experience level gets a bit better over the next few months. And still need to land that first Kingy for the new Boat!

Will be a tad more vigilant in the future and post reports more frequently. In the mean time hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are and if you see me on the water feel free to head over and say hi.



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Nice boat! What size and brand of engine do you have?

I have a 455 Top Ender too. It's now 10 years old. Great versatile rig! I have a 4 stroke yamaha 60 and a 55lb min kota on the front.

Unfortunately I don't get out much these days.

Have you heard the saying about the 2 best days in a blokes life? The first is when he buys a boat and the second is when he sells it. Right now I'm closer to the second stage. i do enjoy it and it's the ideal rig for me but other comittments always seem to get in the way and finances are very tight.

Hope you enjoy every minute in your boat and stay right away from that second stage.


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Thanks guys,

The Top Ender has been great so far. She has a 50hp Etec on the back, and whilst she handles great i wouldnt mind just a touch more power out of it. Got stuck over at la perouse a couple weeks back when a southerly blew up gusting to 65km/h and whilst the trip back to foreshore boat ramp was very wet, she handled the chop quite well.

Unfortunatley the boat is listing slightly when on the plane, havent had a chance to resolve this issue yet, but hoping its an easy fix.

Overall though really happy with the boat, heaps of storage, handles well, heaps of deck space for serious fishing, cant be happier, unless someone bought me a min kota...

And why is it that i have been hearing that saying about the happiest moments in a guys life so much?! I plan on proving all the non believers wrong!

See you on the water.


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