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first boat advice


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I've been looking at getting a boat for awhile and am after some advice on what to get.

Originally I've been looking at half cab fiberglass boats, but after a bit of reading I don't think they will suit what I'm after.

I think my criteria is


Big enough for 2 adults and 3 kids

Around 5m

Launchable from the beach

Be able to tow tubes for the kids and probably an adult

Suitable to take out in open water in mostly good weather

The majority of its use I think will be around Pitwatter, Sydney Harbour, Long Reef and Lake Macquarie, but I would like to be able to take it to places like Fraser Island.

Trawling boatsales.com.au I like the look of the quintrex coast master runabout and also the centre console boats.

Any suggestions on different boats and size of them.

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Centre consoles in my opinion are the best small fishing boats as they give you access to all areas of the boat which is great in the 5m size. The cudy cabs leave little fishing room in comparison unless you go for 5.8 or bigger. The only draw back with the centre console is they tend to be a wet boat in any sort of chop.

Regards Jeff

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I had a brooker 485 center console. While it gave good access it had no cover what's do ever, ant it's was pretty difficult to fish with the Bimini up, the CC's dont give any spots out of the wind for passengers unless your talking 6-7 meters. My kids are pretty Young and it just dident work for me. I've up graded to a 5.5 glass cuddy cabin now and was the best thing I ever did.

Good luck there's a thousand boats out there that would suit.

Also thing about if you'll be doing any ski/ tubing when you go for a motor size. Go as go as big you and afford.

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What price range are you looking at ??

As you have most likely found , there is quite a range of sort criteria in the the boating sales web sites but you do need to have a basic idea of what your looking for , ie , center consol , half cabin , bow rider , forward steer with canopy etc.

If you lean toward a bimini top or canopy , the best are those which can be folded down & not be in the way or interfear with deck space , ie they need to fold forward, preferably onto the front deck , so they are out of the way

For what you have described , alloy is a good choice , their much lighter to tow , especially over long distances & more appropiate for beach launching / retreival, again from a weight aspect but also they can withstand a few knocks should they occur.

As others have said , when it comes to the motor , bigger is better.

Try and get one with a drive off , drive on trailer. This makes launch & retreive so much easier for all concerned but in particular , you don't need two or three people to assist if you want to use the boat alone.

Too often , families buy boats , have a few great days or months on the water then the novelty wares off & the boat just sits in the yard until a crew can be organised.


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Just make sure you get a decent donk on the back, around 4.8-5 meter you'll want atleast a 60HP


in my experience on a first boat the way rides and handels is a big factor but not as big as a reliable donk last thing you want is to be stuck out there with the kids and the donk doesnt start trust me i dont have kids but my mates act like they are still and it can be really frustrating to say the least.

you have a general idea of what you want so take a few out for a test run and see what you think of the hull design, fising room, room for your ski gear and then if your happy with that get the motor inspected by a reliable mechanic before you buy if possible (DONT TAKE THE OWNERS WORD FOR IT) I.E. Huey and see what he thinks ultimatley you will find that the boat will not be ideal for all purposes or you will only use it for say fishing and then you can make a better informed decision on your next boat

any way sorry for the rant but take it from me once burnt twice shy

check and double check and then get a second opinion

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