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Flathead Kindergarten

lure 1

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Decided to get out early to beat the heat. On the road at 430am,only to find a que up at the ramp. Anyway got to the flathead grounds at 5.45am to find we wern't alone with 2 others in the area. Dropped down and counted to 10 and hooked up (undersize). Dropped again count to 10 hook up again (undersize). In 2 hrs my son and I caught 18 flathead 1 tailer and 1 leathery. We moved a couple times but was being frustrated by leatheries and also power loss to fish finder which came back on when we finnished fishing. Got hit by something that went like a freight train, (possibly a Kingy). All up I kept 2 fish ,let the rest go for another time, and was out of the heat by 12pm. Also it was good to see the authorities out checking on boats ,licences and safety gear at the ramp today.

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