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Botany Bay BIG Kingfish


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When out on friday for a potential kingfish session. Squid were hard to come by. Managed 3 small one and 4 yakka's. Down they go on the downrigger. Not a hit. Anchored up and berley. Dropped a yakka down. 30 minutes later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The result is a fat 110cm kingie. Great start to 2013. Can't wait to get back out theirpost-2775-0-09095300-1358046446_thumb.jpgpost-2775-0-80135600-1358046464_thumb.jpg

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Awesome kingy!!

I was in the harbour on Saturday. Also very hard on the squid only managed one small one which I sent down on the dr only for it to be picked. No kings but did manage a mixed bag of flattys, bream, Trevally, and some good sized flounder.

Did you score that king inside or out??

Cheers Daniel

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Well done. I have been smashing rats for the last 2 weeks with nothing over 60cm. We had a school under the boat and had a ball on knife jigs for an hour but they were all under size. Havent got any good ones yet though this season. We havent had too many dramas getting squid though out of Cronulla. Havent sighted a bonnie yet either!!


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