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Hay guys been a while since I have made a post. But the last few week have been good should let you know what's been doing.

Well the last few weeks down at Windang have been great with me and my mates getting into a few flattys and some good size whiting along the way.

Then my father in law wanted to go for a fish so took him to Windang for his first time to flick with plastics and he first fish on plastics with his very first cast. That was a great time I had with him, think we ended up with 15 for the night.

Then this weekend me and my father headed to Ulladulla on Friday night. Went for a session at Burrill Lake without a single hit. Fished all sat not a single fish between me my father and my mate.

Well thought we would go and pump a few nippers for the old man to fish with and were we on the money with that idea.

As soon as my dads first bait hit the water he was into some good fish. He pulled a great size whiting hat stretched about 38cm and as soon as he put the next bait in out comes a 36cm bream. End of the night he ends up with 4 bream and 3 great whiting.

Meanwhile me and my mate not one hit on the plastics all night but at this point I did notice a lot of tailor smashing small baitfish on the the surface. Had no small surface lures and put on a vibe and thought I would try and slowroll it back across the surface. The first 8 or so casts nothing at all then next cast I'm on and on to something with a lot of weight. My little Abu starts screaming and I'm thinking small jewfish.

Slowly start working the fish back to me and god a good look at it. Well my heart skipped a beat when I saw my personal best lizard came towards me.

After a few heart in the mouth moments I get a set of lip grips on the lower jaw and the a few high fives with me mate and dad I have one of the best moments in my fishing life.

After a few photos with the big girl she was let go to chase some other baitfish another day.

She went about 95cm to 1meter. What we did use to measure her was not the best but good enough to know she was bigger then 95cm. She weighed and this is a guess about 7-8ks gave my 5kg spinning gear a great run.






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Looks like you had an awesome time. I still need to get my first on a plastic. Got my 65 mm squidgies on 1.5g jigheads lined up for the next suitable spot I fish! Pity you didn't have the brag mat on you but at least you have the all important photo.

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yeah and on the blood worm wrigglers in the 85mm with a 6grm jigg head. but the big girl was on a vibe that i Took from my mate.

I need to have a session one night

been meaning to go there but have been hitting the whiting up at the entrance

Is that the smaller channel in those pics there or the main one?

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