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Striped Marlin Sydney - Sunday


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Had a cracker start to the day.. it was just on 7:30am, we had trolled over the 12 mile and were headed for the Botany wide FAD.

The short corner took a good strike and started to peel some line however hooks weren't in bed so after a quick run we thought it was all over.

In a matter of seconds the fish was back on and was whacking at the short rigger.. band popped, line ran and with that the hooks came unstuck for the second time.

Next thing you know its the shotty that is off and running but before we even get it out of the holder the ratchet goes quiet only to then have the long rigger take off.

4th time lucky the hooks stuck and after some spectacular jumps the fish was boat side and tagged.







The rest of the day was quiet apart from getting into a wild storm out wide of Browns where it pelted us with rain, hail, wind and lightening - funny enough we picked up a jellybean in the middle of it all then jogged home in a messy sea.



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Nice work Marty, Seems you guys have had a good run with fish in the past few weeks!!

Its nice to be rewarded for the time and effort you put in to find the fish.


Tight Lines.



seems as thought there is a glitch in the system. it wont let me type your name!

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