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I had to repair a fibreglass hole in my boat and reinforced the bung hole(boat is 40yrs old). I looked at youtube about repairning with flowcoat and gel coat and found a lot of info. One suggestion was to place cling wrap like material as it cured, they did a lot of sanding with 400 and 600 to take out the brush marks, as my boat was old I did not worry to much .

regards norm.

P.S dont do it in this hot hot weather or it will go off quick.

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hey rebss

from what i remember of my GRP course done a few years back now. if you want the smooth and shiny finish you cant really avoid the sandpaper and wet dry and cut and polish and then buff sounds like alot of work but it all depends on the scale your doing it on if it is a large area get your self a cheap orbital sander and use a higher grit paper to reduce the risk of taking to much off and having to re apply your flow coat

hope this helps

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Depending on the size of the repair, I have used the clear plastic from business shirts or similar, coat with wax and a light spray of release compound. Use masking tape across the lower edge, and the brush in the flow coat using a squeegee to "spread the flow coat under the plastic sheet. Masking tape the edges and allow to go off, minimizes the amount of sanding, leaves a smooth finish, usually have to fair the edges in. Take care to avoid air bubbles.

This method is effectively applying a mould externally. Works well for stone chips, filling holes etcetera. Practice on a piece of mdf or similar until you are comfortable. Good for vertical or overhung surfaces, takes patience but the time spent will avoid even longer wet rubbing and polishing.

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