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Hi raiders,

I,m thinking of tacking my wife and son out for a fish in the morning before returning to work on Monday,i will be launching from grays around 6.

Does anyone have a recent report of how it,s been fishing and if the holiday ramp/water congestion has died off at all?I would also be open to try some new fishing spots if anyone is willing to share as i don,t know the river very well.I usually only fish the south west arm in several spots such as,Warumbul,costens Pt,Scott,s Reef,Gray,s Point sand flats etc and do o.k most times.I would be most intrested in goodspots to try for LIzards,Whiting and Leatherjackets as they are my favorite fish.

Thank you to all that Reply.


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Guest Aussie007

u can go up into south west arm on a high tide u can sneak up on all the fish mostly bream and whiting in the very shallow water 2-3 foot deep the channel goes in a long way at those depths so plenty of fishing space there

u can also try out inbetween the heads plenty of flatties but last time i fished there they were all small flatties pretty much consistant in size but you'll catch a lot of them on the drift

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