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Sydney Harbour kingies


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hey all,
started the morning today on the water before sunrise, already at some squiding grounds. absolutley cleaned up with no effort for squid so the day was looking strong with not a boat on the water yet and no swell!

bout 7am we hit up a few markers including the stix and old yella, but not a single decent hit other than the bloody bream stealing our baits!
started going down hill from there just cruising around trying to find some kings around markers and not a single bit of luck!

we had to leave at around 12ish as my mate had to go to work and so we started heading back to the boat ramp at rose bay at around 11:30 when all the sudden the birds started working the surface! chucked on a spinner and my god there were fish everywhereeeee.

picky bastards so i assume they couldve been salmon so we turned the motor off and just drifted around and they were busting up everywhereee around the boat it was great! cranking the spinner right on there noses when suddenly the rod buckles over and im on to a decent fish, fought it for a little while and it took some monster runs then when i got it near the boat i saw it was a kingy! got the net ready and what do you know, it got off right next to the net! :ranting2:

that was it from me, mate of mine hookedup a further 3 times! and lost them allll whilst it seemed a couple other boats around us were having a field day actually landing them! then even though we were persistant to keep trying we had to call it quits as we left half an hour after deadline.
not a bad days fishin but spewin we didnt even get a single fish in the boat! which also means no photos sorry guys :1giveup:

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