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A great weekend's fishing : )


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Hi All,

With predictions of a 40+ degree day on saturday and rising barometer, i headed down to parramatta river in the morning to catch the rising 2 metre tide. wow what a great session on the bream.

I managed well over 10 fish, all on hard body - Berkley 3B Cranks in the shallow divers (purple and snoop colour) and on z-man and atomic plastics.

When the bite slowed down, i headed towards home but made a stop at the nepean. went for a mega walk all the way to the quarry bridge which ive never fished before in the hopes of some bass, no takers only followers.

I had have some bread with me so threw that out unweighted and managed to hook up a few freshwater bull mullet. a new species for me. man do these things pull hard!!

Sunday dad and I headed back down to parramatta river and caught 30 bream between us all on squidgy flick baits in the evil minnow. we also got hammered by hoards of flathead and i had a few big bust offs.

Last night I headed down to my local glenmore park loch in the hopes of my first carp.

I brought down some bread and corn (what ive read off the net) and sent it out unweighted on 2lb fluro all the way through...OMG do these things put up a great fight or what! i caught 4, largest going 55cm - not a huge fish but im astonished at the power and weight of these fish!! and to think they are down the street is even better - Another new species for me : )

So there you have it, 2 new species in 5 days : )

P.S I didnt take any bream pics this time, they werent that big.


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Well done Stan and great report :thumbup:

I didn't have the chance to go for a fish last weekend with the 2m tides .... my loss :mad3:

I know I'm not supposed to, but I usually slip some bread into my fishing bag before a lure session so if I'm not good enough with the lures on the day I take out the bread and usually catch a nice bream or two before I call it quits. At least I can then tell my family I caught something when I get back.

Congratulations on opening your account with two new species!

There's something special about being able to catch fish just a stones throw away from where you live :)

By the way well done on getting your Mentors badge!

Keep up the tremendous work.

All the best


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Good to hear from you Ian, I hope you had a great new years.

Thanks for the kind words, the big tide and rising barometer definately helped me in catching the fish. If you heading out to chase bream anytime soon, take some flick baits in the evil minnow they are going off at the moment, so are the atomic crawfish and pumpkinseed gulp worms : )

I just noticed I have a mentor badge and am not really sure why i have one lol?

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That was for the tips and advice you helped me out with at Parramatta. Cools to see the Hardbodies getting smashed, glad you had an even better day on Sunday!


Hi Alex,

Nice to meet you down there mate and thanks for the mentor badge : )

Happy to tee up a session just shoot me a PM.

How did you go the rest of the day?

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