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Late hacking report


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Hello fellow raiders, long time reader first time poster, not sure if it'll work but here it goes. Was planned with my brother-in-law to head out to our usual in port hacking for an all nighter on Monday night in search of some Jew that lurk in the deep. We arrived at yowie bay boat ramp at 10 or so with the wind still blowing a southerly around 30km, but with my wind finder app on my phone saying it would die down by midnight. We were on a mission. We shot over to the channel markers and anchored in about 12m of water as a start as it has produced some 50-60cm Jews in the past. Down go the baits and the waiting begins. It didn't take long for the 10cm pain the butt squire to arrive with only 1 legal tailor in the first hour. At about 11.30 my bro in laws 5 kg out fit buckles over and starts peeling some line. We thinking small jew. After around 5 min to our excitement, the biggest snapper we have caught comes on board. Out comes the swivels fish measure and it tips 47 cm. a new pb by 11 cm. I think we must have woken everybody in the Lilly pilli area. All quiet for the next hour or so and the bro in law decides to rest his eyes a bit. After half an hour of him snoring, my little 2500 shimano decides to start screaming, rod tip almost at water level, I'm struggling to get it out of the rod holder but eventually do and all I could do was hold on, this thing was taking line. At this stage I kicked my bro who was sleeping on the floor to wake him. The first run took about 30m of line, then stopped. I start getting some line back but this fish was having none of it. After getting back 5 or so meters, I get three almighty head shakes and off it goes again stripping another 20 m and then..... PING. Gone... Devoed, I'm thinking knots failed or snapped line, but no, spat the hook. What was it? Any suggestions. All quiet after that. Started moving around at first light but nothing. Called it quits at mid day.

Sorry for the length. Will try keeping them shorter in the future

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Dont be sorry for the length, I enjoy a good read. Shame about losing the big one, my biggest worry fishing light line on big fish is not enough pressure to set the hook properly in hard mouths so make sure hooks are razor sharp. Nice snapper though...well done

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