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Hawksbury and Pittwater 16/1


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This trip has been a long time coming. My brother and I don't often get to spend the day together in the absebse of our wives and kids. So we were free to make our own decisions for once!

Launched at the nice Pasley Bay ramp in the Hawksbury. Very easy and spacious ramp and everyone appeared to know the drill of get ready and get your boat in the water. Might be a different story of a weekend I guess.

Applogies if I get any of the places wrong, was our maiden voyage into these parts.

Headed straight out to Flint and Steel off Barrenjoey to chase whatever was there before the wind got up. There was some swell but only a light NE wind so conditions were perfect. Lesson number one came for the day about 30 mins in when I decided to put out a rig with some bait on it. Head down getting gear and tieing knots= instant sea sickness. Lucily I got onto a Kingy on my soft plastic shortly after. We were about 10-15mtrs off the rocks and I had a Gulp shad on. Was letting it sink and a few twitches... really I had no idea what was there so just mucking around. It put up a giid fight and was my first ever Kingfish so I was a bit chuffed. My GoPro decided to have a hissy fit whilst we were trying to get it strapped to my head and get some footage so we only got a few pics of it before letting it go. Measured 54cm to the fork of the tail. No idea where these are measured to.





After about an hour we were feeling quite crook so went into Pittwater to try for squid. We got nothing. Haven't seen a more perfect place for squid with all the reef around. Anyone got any exact locations for them? We tried Joey point inside near the mored boats, near the jetty from Home and Away and along the golf course weed beds. Still nothing. Couldn't find a place out of the wind to try for flatties either so we went back into the river.

Not sure of it's name but the little tributary south of rail bridge where the oyster leases are. After getting hooked up on them half a douzen times and dropping a good flatty we moved to the other side of the leases which was a big mistake!

Lots of unused oyster rack poles submerged and I managed to get my fav blade hooked on one which took some luck and skill to get back.

Thanks for this forums advice. Am hoping we can be more successful in catching fish next time.

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hey Swaz. strong kingy there mate. My bro and i hit pittwater yesterday so that makes it the on the 18th we just drifted the weed beds next to the golf course, did 2 drifts and pulled up 10 squid, some good live bait size and some big ones for a feed, we used a green and pink yozuri and a orange and white yozuri, both worked equally as well as each other. we fished early morning between 6-8am before that heat got up.

hope this helps.

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