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Kingies around hunters hill!


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Went down for a quick flick with some plastics on my wharf around lunch time.. Using the 100mm bloodworm wriggler I managed to get some interest in what Definantly was flatties... But couldn't manage to get the hook in

As I was working in a retrieve a decent size tailor(30-35cm) flung into the air literally 5m from where I was standing.. I quickly picked up my heavier outfit being the sustain 3000 with a 100mm fish and had a few cast around where the fish had jumped.. No luck..

I then noticed some birds hovering around and a few boils further away...

I ran back up to the house and grabbed the baitrunner 8000 and quickly pinned a whole squid on a single hook and a big float ... The bait had been in the water for 5 mins when I saw a tailor about the same size jump off to the left up against the rocks.. Luckily at the time I was wearing Polaroids because just below the tailor in about 1m of water was a very good size king( around 80cm).. It was total mayhem I scrambled for the baitrunner and cast it other to where the king was... I grabbed the sustain and started some quick retrieves.. At the time I didn't have my whole tacklebox with me which contained metals and poppers :( the Kingy didn't corn back and at this moment I still have the whole squid out hoping for it to return....

This has been one of the many experiences I have had with kings just off my wharf and by the end if summer I hope I can manage to get one :)

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Just imagine if you have a popper ready to be cast right into the face of that kingie..... BANG...your're on!!! Unfortunately times like this can be frustating especially you were just after a quick fish and then the big fishes decides to turn up. Well...i'm sure you will take your full tackle gear next time.

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