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How to choose a fishing spot ?


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Hey all

I'm a land based fisherman and not so experienced. I just normally get some live bait and just chuck it in hoping to catch a big one. I never follow the tide or the moon phase. But this year I want to be a bit more serious about fishing, I go to most of the areas that I read about here like clifton, roseville, narrabeen lakes, captain cook bridge or the spit. Normally what I do is try and cast my live bait as close to the bridge pylons as I can because I think that's where all the big ones are hiding. If there's no bridge or structure around me I just cast to an open area and wait.

My goal this year is to catch a jewfish ! I was told I gotta look for gutters or holes. How do I find these gutters or holes ?

Generally I fish were I see alot of baitfish like yakka, because I think that the big ones are going to be near waiting for them. Is this the right thing to do ?

Still learning about moon phases and tides. Also I'm just trying to learn on how to choose a spot in general and not just for a jewfish. I just want to fight a big fish !

Any advice and tips will help me alot and help me to become a better and more serious fisherman.

thanks guys !

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Hi Koi,

Your certainly doing the right thing by livebaiting which is a great way to catch big fish generally speaking. One thing to keep in mind, match the hatch. Using live slimy mackerel or squid around roseville is unlikely to catch a jewfish because it's not part of their natural diet. Whenever i've caught them in that area, its been on the most plentiful bait in the area. Usually this is tailor but mullet and yakkas have had some attention too.

Another thing to keep in mind is burley. Not too much but a little burley goes a long way. Jewfish will often be found hanging underneath schools of bait and by bringing the bait closer to you through burley, in theory your attracting jewfish to the vacinity. Doesn't always work out this way but its not going to do you any harm to try it.

In terms of fishing bridges, it does pay to pay a little attention to the tides. Jewies are real lazy fish, they'll sit behind the pylons waiting for a free feed to be swept by. Tide changes are a different story. They come out of wherever they're holding and move into hunting grounds. For example, a drop off with plenty of bait holding on it could be a potential jew hunting ground at the right time. Night is similar to tide changes. Fish areas you think they'd be looking for food.

I'll flick you a quick PM about roseville.

Cheers, Tom

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I'm in the same boat as you mate. (no pun intended). The guys on here have been a great help. one thing I have picked up is that the change of the tide really helps. You can fish much lighter rigs as the currents slow down. So late night and our either side of the change seems to get the best results for me.

But im still experimenting as well, and having great fun learning from my mistakes. :)

good luck mate. I look forward to hearing about the first big one.

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