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Battery charging off motor


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Hey raiders,

I have just finished installing my minn Kota and I'm using a AGM 130amp/h battery to power it. I was thinking of running cables from my other starter/main battery (or the motor) to charge it whilst under way to my fishing spots. i have a 30hp merc tiller steer electric and pull start and was wondering wether it will put out enough juice to charge both batteries when motor is running.

Will the Kota draw power from both batteries though? Or can I isolate the AGM somehow?


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Hi, the AMPS that engine puts out is only good for keeping the cranking battery topped up-there is no way it would be able to charge a flat battery even more so if it was a deep cycle.

Best way to do it is a dedicated battery for the M/K and with such a size of battery you have that will give a good days boating and then put on a 240V charger when you get home.



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Thanks Huey, I already have a ctek charger just for the AGM batt. I didn't really want it to charge from flat just to keep it topped up whilst using it, as sometimes I will be running a waeco fridge off it aswell to keep a few drinks cool. Do ya reckon it would be able to keep it topped up or is it pointless?

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