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Sunday 21st - from the Hacking


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Hey Boys

Probably due for a post. Decided to go wide on Sunday and try for some marlin, dollies etc. Got on the boat about 7.30am and quickly got a dozen yakkas out the front. A couple of yakkas got stolen by rats under the boat. Also wanted a few slimies and we found them reasonably quickly around middle ground. Proceeded to head east with a view to zigzagging up the coast for a few hours from 40 to 65 fathoms.

Didnt turn a reel unfortunately and it appears everyone else was clued up with me being the exception as there were no boats out. Water was only 20.3c. Trolled in close around Kurnell with an Xrap for doughnuts although all the prime territory was invaded by spearos (i think there was a comp on). Tried livies on the Jibbon hump and back where we caught the yakkas for Duckegg. Note to self...never leave fish to search for fish. Even rats are good fun on light gear!!!!

All in all a pretty frustrating day.

Anyone got any gems?


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Thanks for the report duckegg

I hear ya about being frustrated.

im finding port hacking a tough nut to crack.

Everything looks great but we cant find the fish.

We tried south west arm, the ballast heap and a few other spots for nothing but small bream.

Couldnt even find a flattie anywhere.

All we could see were those little rays, banjo i think they are?

The last 3 times ive been out over the last week and half or so, whether the port or botany, we've got nothing but small bream. :ranting2:

I think i might give windang or the hawkesbury a go.

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Fished out from Lilli Pilli on Monday for 3 legal reddies (only just) plus plenty of throwbacks. A live yellowtail swam about most of the time I was anchored up, still swimming at the end of fishing. The only surface action was little pilchards about 10cm long, caught one but the little reddies killed it pretty quickly.

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