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Christmas Flathead


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Hi Guys,

I'm a bit late getting this photo up. Caught this it on Christmas day. Yes, it went back in the drink. We didn't even take it out of the net, so I can't say exactly how big it was. But it was up there! (it's not me holding the net, a mate did the net work!)

We've had a 95cm + before and I think this one may have eclipsed that, but I'm not a great measurer or weigher of fish, I just catch them and let most go.

Bait was whole pilchard, run-in tide, sometime in later afternoon, raining & my senses honed courtesy of Christmas beers.

I'd like to get my hands on some good fresh Hawkesbury squid, but it hard to come by these days.

all the best



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well over the meter mark. Was up on the tweed at Xmas and was fishing just under a bridge in about a meter of water with no luck. Went on top of the bridge to see one about the same size right were my lure was being cast. It was huge and i would have guessed 1.1-1.2m. Threw the lure about 5m in front but spooked her when it got closer. Wish i had the luck you did but just to see her was amazing!! What a crater she left behind and the head was well bigger than a shovel

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