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PB Bream


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G'day Raiders,

Long time no post but I thought that I would share the PB Bream that I got yesterday.

I was five casts in when I came up tight on what I thought was a nice flattie. As the fish came close I seen the beautiful silver flash and knew I was on to a really nice Bream. I managed to wrestle it away from the oyster covered rocks and beach it. Heart pumping and all alone I only managed a Bream 'selfie'. This beauty was released back into water and swam away in a flash. You can see from the pic that it was raining but I was undeterred and rewarded as a result.

I didn't have anything to measure it with but it was definitely in the mid 30's. Only managed a couple of undersized flatties after that and got a gill raker in the thumb for my troubles.

The Bream was caught in about 2 feet of water on a 100mm Wasabi Wriggler and 12th ounce Jig head tied to a 8lb fluorocarbon. Using a slow roll technique across the bottom.

Caught in a bay in the Lane Cove area on the run out tide about 6.45pm.

Cheers Josh.


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Cheers guys, I must admit i have been an avid user of the Bloodworm Wriggler for a number of years but i have to say that i think ill be purchasing a few more packs of the wasabi's, they are deadly. Heading out to chase kings tomorrow!

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Hey Swaz by slow roll i mean:

  • Cast out and let the lure sink to the bottom
  • Slowly wind along the bottom (you should feel the lure dragging across the sand or mud)
  • Pause every now and then the do maybe 2 quick winds then go back to slow roll.

Its not gunna work everytime and you will get a lot of flathead by catch doing this (which aint bad in my opinion). Good luck, hope you get on to a couple!

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