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narrabeen first time


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Hey guys,

Im a new fisherman who is looking for some advice for fishing off narrabeen beach. I am here camping for the next few days. I have been reading about gutters and have had a look today but I can't seem to.find or know how to find them, any advice would be great? Cheers!

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Gutters are deep(er) channels that exist in the area where the waves are breaking. U can usually spot the shallow water because the waves will be forced up...creating a wave. The water above a gutter won't do this so it appears as a "less wave " area. They are often close to the waters edge, depending on the high /low tide. Make sure u use berley too as that attracts fish to where ur fishing. Hope this helps. Neil.

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The mouth of the river, by the pool there, would be a good example mate. If you can get up above the water you will see darker, flatter areas which denote deeper water (or gutters). Plop a line in there with a good sized piece of fish, up to a whole pilchard, and your in with a good chance of a salmon. Lighter gear with some beach worm and you might pick up a bream, whiting or even a blackfish (near the rocks).

It might take a bit of figuring out and a dose of luck but you will pick something up eventually :)

Good luck

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