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My wife and her first King fish.


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G day Raiders

All summer long my mates and I have been doing nothing but fishing and talking about going fishing,Kings and Jews being the main target!!

My wife finally got sic of listening to all my mates winging and wining about how they have NEVER caught a King fish. So she says to me. I wanna come fishing. I'll show you boys how its done. I said Ok.

I take her out at 5am the next morning heading towards the 3 markers sitting of dobroyd heads.Its only the second time she has been on the boat. I give her the 4-6kg rod with a pilchard hanging of the end of it.She wanted the pilchard over the fresh squid and live bait. I said Ok

I kept the heavier rods for myself just in case the king swam threw. I watch my wife drop her bait,Thinking snapper attack. But instantly her rod buckles over and starts screaming off line.

She screams, what do I do.

I tell her to hold on and keep the rod high. Watching my wife catch this king fish was AWESOME. After a 5 minute battle the fish was finally in the net. We where cheering. Best day fishing ever!!! My wife at 6 in the morning called all my mates and said ' I told you so I told you so'

A few photos and my wife let the king go to fight another day. She has retired champion from fishing. And tells me it ain't that hard to catch king fishpost-22270-135893244974_thumb.jpg

53cm king fish

Never take your wife fishing

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Same story here mate the :wife: always says she will come out with me and catch the biggest fish and guess what this is the reason i haven organised the trip :074:

but i will have to organise the trip sooner or later ....thanks for the heads up :fishing1:

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hey guys be careful remember this forum is owned by a woman :biggrinthumb: of course that is why it is soooo good

Seriously it makes for good convo amongst men. I often go to conferences and dinners and as soon as I drop it into the convos they all want to talk fishing!!!

Orange peel please tell your wife mrsswordie said "you bewdyyyyy" and she is most welcome here - join her up please!!!

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Took my wife fishing once just got out the hardour. Sea a bit sloppy :wife: she said it was to rough never asked to go again :nono: .Plus it is the only place i know she can not come and disrupt the peace. Only one person walked on water and he was male sexist yep :sun::banana:

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