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Recent Fishing Sessions Mash Up


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Hi Everyone!

Its been a very long time since ive posted any reports on here! Very busy mainly due to work and house stuff but it's good to be back and catch up with you fellas.....and ladies!

I'll keep it brief so here goes................

This time last year I took delivery of a very nice center console boat named "HONEY II"..................she is a Seacraft 22ft Glass' CC with a big bad 225HP Merc on the ass end, with every thanks for helping with the import goes to BILLY D, legend!.........the reason why I mention the boat is it's about the best "ALL ROUNDER" i have ever come across in my years of owning numerous boats....and boating with other friends.

She has allowed me to access the sandflats to drift for bream and whiting poppering the day away, cruise the rockwalls of the hawkesbury with the I-Pilot Electric throwing plastics at jewfish, downrigg and slow troll for big Kings, anchor and set cube trails for snapper, yet at the same time head way, way offshore in search of Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna and offcourse, my favourite, BEAKIES!!!!

So, after that spiel........I have come to the conclusion that this boat has helped score some fantastic recent captures and I;m looking forward to many many more!

Call us on the water for a fishing chat! Channel 21 or 67...."HONEY II"

Heres a few pics..........

Big Rig.....


Little Black we got last week in 40mtrs off water on a slimey...


Big late arvo kings on livebaits 2 weeks ago...



Hawkesbury jewies on plastic and light string...(6lb leaders)




Hawkesbury snappers with Big Bad RayR!



Some of recent notable captures......hope to see you out there!

Cheers, Wacko.

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Simply AWESOME! well done on some truly memorable captures!

Mate i am in the market for a similair boat, have had my eye on an edgewater centre console, if you dont mind answering some questions...

Is your minn kota an 80lb? how well does it move your boat?

How big if the fuel tank and will the minn kota still move the boat well when its full?

Well done again,


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Thanks guys! :)

Hey Pred-Ator: The whole time the boat was in transit, I was peaking about the electric motor issue......is the boat too big?, will the electric's shaft even make it to the water?, will it move it around?..........all these questions were answered when the boat arrived here ( and after much research!).

Basically, I went for the I-Pilot 80lb with the longest shaft possible (65inch)........it has PLENTY of get up and go and moves the boat around with ease.....I went for 2x 120amp batteries just incase I needed to run the electric on full power all the time (which I don't)........it has surprised me how well a 6.6mtr boat moves around with the agility of a bass boat!

BTW, the Shaft 'just' makes it to the water.....I have a bout an inch to spare.....so you gotta measure the Boats bow to waterline to see if an electric will fit. :)

The fuel tank on my rig is 300 litres! and yes, even when it is full, and gear, and 4 anglers....the electric has power in reserve!

I'm sure these new I-pilots are way 'gruntier' than the old models.....Go I-PILOT 100%


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Thanks for the reply wacko thanks awesome : )

Im considering an edgewater 188cc with a yammie 150 4 stroke.

Fulyl loaded she will be around 2 tonne so you can understand why i asked the question lol. you raise an interesting point about the shaft length.

Im really happy to see it didnt effect the rig!

All the best this season mate, cheers

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