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Mounting pick-up for live bait tank


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I'm confused after reading so many posts of the different ways to mount my pick-up to my aluminium boat. I'm keen to do it properly, whether that mean another hole in the transom. What is the best way to mount these things? And would sikaflex on its own hold or would you guys recommend otherwise??

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Guest Aussie007

Don u might not need to drill holes depends how fast your boat goes? some guys use silicon to glue a small piece of a plastic chopping board to the transom than screw the pick up to that also works on transducers

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What is the best way to mount these things?

Can I turn the question around & say , what is the most common & secure way to mount these things,,

The answer , with 2 , SS screws.


If you read the earlier posts in other threads where glue or silicon has been used , it's not because it's the best method but because the member was not keen on drilling holes in the boat.

That's fine , it's his boat & his choice.

How long glue or silicon will last , only time will tell but keep in mind the pumps / brackets are under a lot of pressure when on the plane both from the water passing under the boat & over the pick up pipe along with the upward pressure of the water moving through the pipe & up to the pump.

The issue can be , that if the bracket brakes away & it's not noticed then you run the risk of the

pump / bracket braking away from the hose & or the electrics.

If this occurs , replacement cost will be around $80 where as 2 X 20c screws would save that cost.


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Mine is different setup again, my pump has a long threaded tube comming out of it that goes through the transom with a nut either side of the transome. This keeps your pump in the boat where its protected but where the pick up is strait out the back with no bend it doesn't pick up much when traveling.


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Thanks for that Geoff, seems to be the most secure way to go.

Don You may have seen this photo in other posts , if not , note the position of the pick up pipe just below the bottom of the boat .

This prevents any damage occuring if something passes under the boat or being parked up on a beach.



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