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Hi Raiders,

We have this blank wall in the house I just bought. it divides the kitchen and the lounge so thought about turning it into a Bar/marine fish tank.

Its a double sided tank, one side is the bar, other side is a picture frame.

The tank is now fully cycled so time to put some fish in : )

P.s the pics arent SLR quality so to speak lol dam iphone!post-16847-0-41640400-1359063743_thumb.jpgpost-16847-0-50127400-1359063755_thumb.jpg

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yeh mate took some work to grow it too. the tank cycled really well though so its promoted alot of growth.

i kept it for about a month fully cycled before i put fish in which is why the sand is so dirty lol.

Yep i got 2 chromis, a fox faced tang, bristle toothed tang and a larger yellow mimick tang.

Also have two strombs which are currently going to town on the dirty sand.

As for corals, im not too sure yet. I love my organ corals and soft corals but im thinking of getting a large angel so might be out of the question. That being said, ive seen some awesome hard corals aswell.

In a few weeks ill put some anenome in there to keep some clowns.

What I would love is a pair of Harlequin Groupers but it wont happen with the little fish i got in there now lol

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