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Port Hacking


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Said we needed a bit of rain, and it turned up, so thought I would give it a try this morning.

Fished the start of the run-up tide at Lilli Pilli deep from first light to sun-up. Expected something could show up, however, undersize reddies it was. Apart from a good sized blue swimmer on the last cast, which hooked himself through one claw, that was it.

The water was murky, with a lot of weed floating about and also on the bottom. Looks like the weed is mostly from Audley way (above the weir), plus ribbon weed and kelp.

Pumped some nippers and did a fair bit of drifting around for 2 whiting, a bream about 28 and a flattie about 40cm, also a couple of undersized bream.

Another bloke who I see out there occasionally managed a couple of bream and whiting, not too big, a trevally, plus some undersize bream as well.

Give it a few days for the water to clear a bit, and may be something will be swimming about.

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