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Anyone fished maroubra beach lately?


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Sorry to hijack thread, but I have been fishing at Maroubra a few times lately too to learn beach fishing - bought a new rod and everything - problem is I cant find the gutters.

Is there anywhere where there are commonly gutters ? I have watched countless youtube videos on finding gutters etc but when I get to the beach and have a look - I still cant identify them!

I've read they are common near the "corners" or rocky headlands of the beach - is that true or not always ?

I just want to catch bream / tailor / flathead / etc

Also - being new to beach fishing - how do you keep a prawn on the hook so it wont wash off in the surf!? :mfr_lol:

Again .. sorry for the hijack.

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Flathead are all over the sand flats at beaches you don't need a gutter. I usually I'd the gutter as the more gentle looking waters between all the waves and stuff. As suggested you should ask surfers or life guards to point them out. A gutter provides an effortless way for surfers to get behind the waves. If you aren't fishing gutters you reduce success a fair bit.

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