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Grease gun\pump

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Hi All,

So I've got this grease gun I've been using for the past year or two now and it really sucks!

As it was my first time, I had no idea what to look for when purchasing the grease gun. I was under the impression, that you insert the entire grease tube, inside the gun and the gun does the rest.

My one wasn't like that... I was told to empty the tube inside the gun... and I gotta tell ya, it was an extremely messy thing to do! Pain in the ass to say the least.

So I'm here to ask for your advice and recommendations. I'm looking to purchase a proper grease gun, preferably with minimal fuss where I can just shove in a grease tube and off I go!


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Hi mate i had a grease gun like that and yes they are messy.. A few months ago i was at super cheap and they had there grease guns on special so i brought a few just add the cartrige and no mess cant believe i didnt buy one earlier.

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As I use grease guns all the time on my machinery I have had a fair amount of experience with all types of them. Yes the way you are doing it is messy and is only done when using drums of grease instead of cartridges as it is a cheaper alternative.

I can tell you the best way is to invest in a Macnaught or similar system. All you do is buy a tub of grease, clip the cap on top push the plunger down and pull the trigger.

Regards Jeff

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If you want a decent gun Repco is usually a good punt. I have a small pistol grip I use when servicing reels, and am considering another for the tilt tube nipples, as I have to remove the bait board to get to the with the larger gun. I have two full size cartridge guns, one with a flexible and the other with a rigid tube.

Cartridges are so much easier than hand packing guns.

If you are doing big jobs, you can get an air setup on a 10 or 20 gallon drum, as well as the chair operated cartridge variety above.

When shopping for a gun, dual outlet is a good thing, either 180 or 90 degrees at you leisure. A bleed valve is handy, saves the frustration of trying to pump air through when you change cartridges.

Cheap guns often have poor quality components that cause the pump to be less than effective. If infrequent use you may not care, but if it is used several times a day, it will annoy you. Like most tools, once you have used a quality item after a cheap one you won't look back.

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Hey mate, go spend the money and get a decent one ($100-$200). If your doing heaps of greasing then look into a SP Tools 18v Grease Gun to do the job. Ive only ever used hand greasers and thats as a diesel mechanic but you want the good ones cause the cheap ones learn to fly pretty quick.



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