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surf popper / snapper catcher


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i bought some of these lures online. i have been using them on the beach/wharf/rocks/boat. i havent had any luck on catching anything. i must be doing something wrong. can anyone tell me how to use these lures. i even use them when spinning of the rocks/beach. im targeting the pelagics. ie salmon/ bonito/kingfish/tailor. thanks

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If its a surf popper, it works best at the top of a paternoster rig with half/whole pilchard below. You can also add a strip of squid or fish bait to increase the attractiveness of the popper, but I've caught salmon and bonito on them without bait on the popper. Think fish are attracted by the pilchard bait below but will often take the popper first, especially if they are feeding in a school. Haven't fished them without the bait below so can't say how they would work on their own. Will probably catch fish but will depend more on passing fish rather than fish that are drawn in by the bait.

Haven't used snapper snatchers/catchers so can't comment.

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G'day Fisholb,

I've had great success with snapper snatchers off the beach. You have to be carful to leave pleant of hook point exposed as they are circle hooks. Just use a piece of pillie or or any other fresh bait. Fish with the reel set at fighting drag & the salmon/tailor/flathead.... hook themselves. I've tried the surf poppers & have not had any luck what soever. Not 1 fish hooked.


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