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Harbour flathead


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Had 45 minutes to kill on my way to footy training this afternoon, so i thought id try a new spot (off the rocks, just round the corner from clifton gardens). Probably 5th cast my 3inch gulp in the electric chicken got walloped. bit of panic trying to negotiate the rocks but managed to land her (a net would of been nice). im only new to the soft plastics game so this was a real treat for me and a new pb, have to give you all a shout out for the endless advice. I ended the session there, not too bad for a few minutes work. I also let her go to fight another day.


p.s thoughts on how long it is? (my shoe is 32cm)

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I would have kept the fish and let the shoe go...

Just kidding - I would have probably caught the shoe...

Mate that is a cracker of a flathead for 5 casts.

If you had flicked again AFTER training, you would have probably hooked another one.

That's the time to buy a lottery ticket...

Well done..


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