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Big bull Dollie


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Hey guys jumped onboard a mates boat to drive it up from Sydney to port stephens yesty for the upcoming tournaments so we set off out of the heads and done a run up to Norah head as the nor Easter was blowing and was only going to get stronger as the day goes on so we put the spread out in 60 and kept heading nor east water was still green but had temps of 23 to 25.6 but every now and then we would drive through really nice blue water and of lake Mac just inside the shelf we got 2 striped marlin for virgin anglers and then had a double hook up on dollies we got the small female which was around 9kg and this beast which went 23kg I was stoked then we had another 2hr run back to port in a big nor Easter which was very testing anyways it was a great daypost-15740-136035945332_thumb.jpg

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Hey scratchie as the post said left Sydney to go to port hookd fish from Norah to lake Mac and then made the charge to port cheers

Sorry billseeker!!! Thought you were driving lol. Would have been a bit of fun with the NE we've been having. Was the same again today. Thursday looking real good for any size boat so might get out there and have a go myself.

Really nice catch by the way. I love dollies, the run, the jump, the fight, then on the BBQ! Good luck in the inter club!!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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