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hi all when for a beach fish last night with swordie fisher doi n that dirty little trung turned up in the darkness.armed with fresh mullet squid and pillies when were keen to get into.johny and i started to chuck metals around while stewy sat back and watched us get saw arms for nothing so we switched over to pillies for a few hits but not much action.round 7pm stewy launched the first of the prime mullets that me n johny got arvo before it wasnt long before we all had mullet out soaking.About 10 min later i was playing with my other rod trying to get a tailor for bait i hear stewie screaming you rod i turned around and seen mu rod buckling over in my head i though it had to be a jew run but it wasnt fighting less then 2 mins later i seen a flat brown head swim out of the wash 6etu6asu.jpg

after a few pics and a good save from johny she went back in.

stewy was next to hook up on a good size scumbo after a few falled pics it went back in.johny hooked up next with a nice bream on a ganged pillie the bream also had a gang from some unlucky fisher.got two more mid 40s flaties then it went down hill we would of got atleast 10 dog sharks between us even that trung got one dont think he can fish ay:D anyways once the doggies turn up theres no point wasting bait.oh n johny n trung got crabs:lol:.pack up n left.good night out n fun for all.3uma2uzy.jpg

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Hey Ben

It was great meeting Johnny and yourself yesterday!

Now that Stewy has shown us his #1 DOGSHARK spot hopefully next time he will actually take us to a location that has Jews as he promised! :074:

Looking forward to catching more crabs and dogsharks with you all next time... :)

Nice flatty btw... remember BIG FLATTY = BIG ....? hahahahah.....



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