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The Entrance


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Hi Raiders

Haven't posted a report for a while as over the holiday period my wife broke her leg and I done my back,well that's another story.

The Entrance was fishing well before we got all that rain,there were nice flat head and plenty of prawns.

At the moment the water level is dropping but it might take until next weekend before it get back to normal,on the run out tide as expected the water is very dirty and lots of weed.Saying that there is still some nice fish around.

The run in tide with the cleaner water from the ocean seems to be working the best for the flatties from the bridge to Pelican Island.

Floating Poddies in the run to the sea on the run out tide will also produce some nice fish.If you can get right out past the rapids near where the run meets the ocean is the best spot.

Some big fish have been reported in the North channel under the bridge late afternoons

No prawns at the moment the water is too dirty.Here's some photo's of what we did catch.



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First of all I'm not sure if prawning is classed as fishing and I do apologise if I have posted this in the wrong spot.

Mpala yes this weekend could be worth a go.There will be only about 20%moon and low tide is around 7pm so you add say 3 hours for the difference in the lake and you should be able to prawn till around 10pm. Hopefully the water will clear up.

The hot spot for a boat would be on the Northern side under the bridge near where the steps run off the bridge to the water. The prawns come out of the weeds and it is a bit protected from the North Easterly winds, also you could have a fish where the lights of the bridge reflect on the water.

Chris, I have spoken to a couple of pro's and they cook the prawns on the beach where they catch them using the lake water and the secret ingredient, brown sugar. The sugar caramelises the shell for easy peeling and sweetness.

I keep the prawns alive till I get home, put the prawns in a bucket of fresh water to drown them ( to get rid of any sand etc. ) add a handful of rock salt and brown sugar to the pot. When the pot boils add the prawns ( don't overcrowd the pot ) when the prawns rise to the top and float just give them 1 more minute then take them out and cool them in ice water or in the sink. If you don't cool them down they will keep on cooking. Add some more salt to taste then eat them.

Do them in small batches, change the water if it gets dirty, wait until they completely cool before you put a lid on the container and refrigerate as they will steam and the heads go black

cheers Steve

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